Welcome to www.gzmobile.in . You Friends visit as your own choice. We provide YouTube Videos on our site that are all personal experience. What you see in product list that product’s warranty/guaranty as per parent company GZMOBILE not provide any warranty/guaranty for that.

Privacy policy

We the GAMEZOON place a form at our contact page or service page. We collect the information for your better contacting to give the better information. It is your choice to give the information. NOW WE ARE NOT ADDED SSL IN OUR SITE IN FUTURE WE ARE DESIDED TO ADD THIS. We try to keep your information safe as well as if anything happens by accident on our site we are not responsible for that.

If you want to delete your information from our server mail us on gamezoonbdbl@gmail.com at anytime.

One of the most important thing is we collect your E-mail id because if any changes in our privacy policy we send you.

GZMOBILE develop its privacy policy at any time according to cover as well as in new situations. We advise you to please visit our privacy policy in regularly.